Linked – What Quiet Quitting Really Means for Employees and Leaders

Lindsey has a lot to say about the subject that she didn’t want to discuss, but I think this paragraph is the real thing for leaders to consider:

“If an employer gives someone a job description but then expects employees to go above and beyond, then the job description isn’t accurate or fair. The employee can never win if they don’t know what they’re working toward or what success looks like.”

Let’s face it, what company in the tech or legal sector is not telling employees that the way to get ahead is to go “above and beyond” their job description? Or, as I also hear often, to get that promotion, you need to be doing part of the next job on your career path.

I also know many people, especially younger people, who hear that and immediately ask why they should be doing a job that isn’t the job they are getting paid to do.

That’s a fair question. Why should any of us stress ourselves to take on responsibilities that might allow us to get a promotion and eventually be paid for doing that work someday? Let’s face it; many people have been doing that work and getting no promotions or salary adjustments for years. They see that and want no part of it.

Why would we do that to ourselves? Maybe we all should figure out a better way to evaluate and promote people.

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