Linked – How Learning And Development Can Quell Quiet Quitting

If you don’t help your people grow and advance their careers, they will not remain engaged at your workplace.

Employees have been leaving in droves, and the bleeding isn’t stopping. Many are still planning their exit. According to a study by McKinsey, 40% of employees are somewhat to almost certainly likely to leave … in the next six months. The study revealed that the top reason people left their jobs last year was a lack of career development and advancement. Yet, according to Gallup, companies that make a strategic investment in employee development are twice as likely to retain their people while increasing profitability by 11%.

Whether they stay but disengage, start looking for their next job while quietly quitting, or simply resign, they will look for better options, and increasingly those better options involve working for the place that will help them develop.

End of story.

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