Linked – More U.S. companies charging employees for job training if they quit

This seems pretty sleazy, even for corporations.

More U.S. companies charging employees for job training if they quit.

If you read the article below, you’ll notice that we aren’t talking about paying college tuition or anything like that. We’re talking about standard, company-wide training sessions that only served to make sure new employees understand things that many of them already knew.

That’s insane. Basic onboarding and continued training of employees is a necessity in 2022. You cannot be a successful business if you are not actively improving the skills of the people who work for you. It’s a cost of doing business. It’s a benefit for your employees that helps in retaining top talent and also happens to make improve your bottom line. It is the ultimate win-win.

If you’re only training the people who agree to this TRAP (Literally, that’s the acronym!) you’re sending the message that top talent, people who truly want to be the best they can be, and develop as much as they can, should steer clear of your company.

Let’s not even discuss the companies that only informed employees after they quit. That’s just flat-out unethical. But if I were presented with this sort of agreement, I would very likely tell them not to worry about the training, I wouldn’t make that deal, and I’d start looking for a new place to work.

How about you?

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