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Linked – Job Insecurity Is Toxic to Health

I’m sure there are still some “old-school” bosses running around who believe the best way to motivate employees is to threaten them and never let them forget that they can be fired at a moment’s notice.

Turns out that they aren’t motivating as much as actively harming them.

“In short, this research wanted to extend on the work demonstrating that unemployment is toxic for health. Previous research had found that being unemployed, compared to being employed, is more damaging biologically, physically, and mentally for health. In this paper, we argued that precarity of employment is equally toxic for biological health.”

I don’t know, it seems to me that the work of a leader should be to do whatever we can to keep our people from being harmed. Often the work is dangerous enough, and we don’t need to provide more stress and increase the risks for all of the health issues that go along with that, do we?


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