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Charter Research Suggests Mentorship Matters No Matter Where Your Team is Located

A couple of weeks ago I argued that remote and hybrid employees’ lack of training and mentorship was a matter of intention. Today I discovered Charter Research has been looking into this claim that everyone needs to be back in the office for better training and mentorship. What did they find?

Hybrid work does not limit the potential of mentoring. Successful mentoring relationships were similarly likely to occur if mentor and mentee met remotely, in-person, or a mix of both.

The location didn’t matter. What mattered was that there was clear communication, organizational support, and recognition of the work of mentors.

In other words, it’s successful when the organization puts together and supports an intentional mentorship program. When they don’t they become reliant on chance interactions in the office. That’s the difference. It’s not that hybrid and remote employees just can’t be trained and mentored. It’s that quality mentoring requires intention.

If you want to provide quality mentorship for your junior employees create and support a program to do that. Period. End of discussion. Where they are located is not relevant.

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