What a day

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I got to work this morning and the new super-charged, powerful machine wouldn’t boot. After about an hour and a half of troubleshooting on my own, I eliminated the drive being the problem, even a brand new drive gave me … Read More

The Beast

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I was doing a video capture through the firewire port of my new work machine this morning when I remembered that I hadn’t blog about it yet. Given all the resource-demanding work I’ll be doing, stuff like video capture/editing, drive … Read More

Has Dell started to engage?

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They seem to be at least trying to engage bloggers and participate in the conversations about their products that are going on. I got this email today: Good Morning Mike, I am writing in regards to your post http://www.mikemcbrideonline.com/2006/08/dell-recall.html. I am … Read More

Dell recall

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So how many of the laptops you support have had their batteries recalled? We have 12 pool laptops and it looks like 6 of them will need to be replaced. Dell’s site reported that it would take about 2 weeks … Read More

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