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Online age verification is coming, and privacy is on the chopping block How to Talk to Your Team About Their Career Development Anyone Can Code! – Light Your Fire for Coding – Online workshop on getting started with app development for women and genderqueer people. What Do Hackers Actually Do With Your Data? Mental Health…

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Congressional Think Tank Sees the Problem with Age Verification – Members Not so Much

Proving your identity and your age eliminates the ability for anyone to remain anonymous. You might argue that is a good thing, but I’ll take the opposite side. There are plenty of reasons for someone to remain anonymous online, and why we’d be worse off eliminating that. Whistleblowers, political dissidents of fascist governments, victims of childhood and spousal abuse, people dealing with mental health issues, women, the LGBTQ community, and many others have legitimate reasons to fear being identified. Do we want to eliminate them all from the public space?