Blocking Social Media to increase productivity?

While listening to a recent Typical Mac User Podcast episode, Victor’s wife made a comment about her iPhone that struck me as very interesting. Paraphrasing, she suggested that the iPhone’s internet access was very important to her, because when she’s at work the network has many of the things she needs to use to take…

Brilliant stuff

Yes, it’s another post by Ziggi over at Help Desk Talk. This one about the help desk solution puzzle. This is exactly what I’m talking about when I talk about working in tech support being about so much more than tech skills. It’s about knowing how to interact with people, read people, teach people, etc….

New stuff

I got my copy of Todd Cochrane’s Podcasting, the Do-It-Yourself Guide in the mail yesterday. In addition, my wife’s early Xmas gift for me, a backpack case for my laptop was in the mail as well. I’m looking forward to reading Todd’s book, and I’m looking forward to having a lightweight way to carry my…

What’s possible?

Saw this posted on Scoble’s link blog this morning, a post from Ernie the Attorney, titled Productivity with Technology: Figuring out what’s possible is the hard part about how simply not knowing what you can do with your technology is an obstacle to increased productivity. I’ve seen many similar situations in my office where people,…

IT and Productivity

Thinking Faster has some thoughts on why technology doesn’t make business as productive as it should be. Some snippets (But read the whole thing!): “I have been in the bowels of the beast, and I think I can say fairly definitively that very few people receive the information they need from the systems they have….