Tomorrow is “new employee starting” day

Tomorrow is “new employee starting” day, which, naturally, means that today is “round up all the parts of what is supposed to be her desktop PC and make sure they work” day. Of course updating all the patches and virus updates that haven’t been applied during the time the system sat dormant is also part of the procedure.:)

Everything went fairly ok, not perfect, but ok. Today there was some lost time dealing with a bad set of speakers. Is it just me, or do the Aptiva’s only produce sound when the speakers are working? They have no other audio hardware? I tried everything I could think of to find a way to do without the speakers, since they don’t work, and nothing produced any sound! Luckily I found an old pair of AT&T speakers off an OLD AT&T computer that we don’t use anymore, and everything was fine again. Now I know why we only have 2 Aptivas!

Speaking of Windows 98 Aptiva’s, they are also yet another example of that horrible power management function! I’m still waiting for the first 98 or later machine who’s power management (Sleep, standby, etc.) functions work the way they’re supposed to! It’s the first thing I turn off on any new OEM machines I get, how about you?

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