Interesting reading for the day

Interesting reading for the day:

Doc Searls explains why Yahoo and it’s advertisers have it all wrong.

Steven found his answer on using Trillian both with a proxy and without at the same time.

David Weinberger on The Generosity of Blogs, in response to Mike Sanders’ ramblings about ego and blogging. You should follow the links in those articles as well, there’s some interesting discussion going on back and forth about “Why people blog”.

For my own perspective, I blog because I have something to say. It doesn’t especially matter if it’s read by thousands of people a day, or just a handful. The goal is to find people who are interested in technology and make it a little less scary, or find those who work with technology and share ideas, opinions, “what works, or doesn’t work”, etc. If someone can learn from reading about my dealings with workplace, or home, technology, then I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.

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