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One of the nice things about this past weekend was that I was able to take a bunch of photos without much forethought. For example, in Windsor, obviously I wanted to make sure I got some nice photos of the Detroit skyline so I went focused on making sure I got plenty of those to choose from and I did exactly that.

Greenfield Village, on the other hand, was a place that Angela had found and planned out with her parents to go visit, and I hadn’t really had time to really look into what to expect when we got there. That gave me an opportunity to tour through the site as more of a photo-walk than anything else, taking photos that allowed me to play with the camera settings:


Or photos that allowed me to play with color enhancement a bit.

Picket Fence          Gazebo

And, naturally, since this is an historic village, I had to play with some of the “aging” effects as well, turning the historic baseball game into a truly historic looking photo.

Ball Team BW

I’m enjoying taking my time and going through these photos. It allows me a bit more time to get creative and develop some more processing skills. I’ve only got a handful up in the Greenfield Village Set for right now, but I should be adding some more in the coming days.

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  1. learningtowrite
    | Reply

    I know you’re really busy and all, but it’d be great if you did a short write-up on how you did the color enhancement and aging with The Gimp. I’ve just started messing around with digital photography myself and I have used some of the basic things in The Gimp but not stuff like that.

    I’m sure there are other tutorials out there, but I find your explanations very easy to follow, so if you have the time to write them I’d love to read them.

  2. Mike McBride
    | Reply

    That’s actually something I’ve been thinking about doing, actually showing a before and after processing. I’d say it’s something I do want to start doing, and maybe I’ll try to fit that in around some other projects I have planned for the site, as well as some off line projects.

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