Photos from Cleveland

Anytime I travel, I take my camera and make exploring and photographing the area a part of the plans. Usually that results in getting some good photos, and capturing better memories of the places we see, or the things we do once there. On the other hand, when traveling, taking photos isn’t always the first priority, so I don’t make bringing all the equipment I might need. (Besides being heavy to carry around, I want to enjoy the place, and the people around me, not just see it through the eyepiece.

So it was last weekend, when we found ourselves walking around downtown Cleveland, and deciding to go check out the fireworks display. I had my camera with me, but no tripod, and no zoom lens. Oh well, carrying all of that would have made dinner with my wife, and walking around, more difficult, not to mention making the whole evening more “planned” that I wanted it to be. We would have spent more time scoping out the best place to setup the tripod and everything else that goes with a photo-shoot, and that wasn’t in the plans.

Sunset over Browns Stadium

So, I guess my point here is really, that sometimes it’s ok to not have taking photos as your highest priority, but if you have a camera you can still get yourself some quality shots. Other times, you’ll want to make it a priority and do what you have to do make the photos great. I love photography and enjoy trying to get great photos, but sometimes, I’d rather spend save the “planning” and explore. You never know what you’ll find that way.

Lights Coming On

You can see all the photos I posted from the trip over at Flickr.

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