At the Apple Store

We spent some time out at Easton Towne Center today so the wife could do a little shopping, and I just had to stop in the Apple Store. Yes, I had to go see an iPhone for myself.

So I spent some time playing around with one of their demo units. Is it uber-cool? Yeah, I admit, it pretty much is. Is it easy to use? Again, pretty much, yes, although the onscreen keyboard for typing emails and notes was rather difficult for my stubby fingers to use. The keys could stand to be a little thicker, but I know, it’s really designed for those uber cool, uber chic and thin, Apple zealots, so I understand. *L*

The thing that really got me, was that there is really very little I can do with this phone that I can’t do with another phone. Maybe another phone doesn’t have as much memory, so it doesn’t store as much music and/or photos, but there is absolutely nothing that I can do with the iPhone that I can’t already do with my iPod and a decent camera phone. Plus, since I already own the iPod, which blows away the iPhone in terms of storage, I’d be spending $500 or $600 for a fancy camera phone? No thanks.

As cool as the iPhone is, I just don’t see it adding that kind of value to my life.

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