Upgrades, Upgrades, Upgrades

This evening has proved to be a night of upgrades. Actually, I did more upgrades than I had planned because they went so smoothly. Scary, I know.

First on the agenda was the upgrade of my iPhone 3GS to iOS 4. I had read a number of horror stories about the upgrade, and therefore delayed it for a day in order to make sure I had a plan in case things went wrong. Once I had convinced myself that I would be able to deal with the common problems, I pulled the trigger, and it actually only took about 30 minutes, and was completely smooth. Everything seems to be working, and I am really enjoying folders and the integrated inbox. Haven’t really tried to do any multitasking, but then again that wasn’t one of the major selling points to the upgrade for me. I was more interested in the simpler interface thanks to folders! 😉

So, feeling good about updates, I started hitting the WordPress updates to version 3.0. Four WordPress installs and less than those same 30 minutes, all is well on that front too. Oh and yes, now that WordPress offers Multisite, I might have to look at combining those four installs into one, or at least two, one per domain, but that’s another project for another day. I don’t know enough about how it works, or how I would merge the databases together to attempt that right now. I do like the new look of 3.0, and am looking forward to digging into the details more.

Besides, my visit to a friends house on Sunday to do some technical work for them went smoother than expected and now these projects have also taken less time than I thought they would, I should probably quit while I’m ahead this week, eh? 😉

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