Plans washed away

So much for being the dedicated photographer.

Last night, I had plans to meet up with a friend, and take in some of the bands at the Dublin Irish Festival. I brought the camera, but when we ran into some other friends and started chatting, listening to some great music, etc. I made the decision to just be social, spending time in the company of good friends, as opposed to stalking out good photo opportunities.

Besides, I knew I could be flexible with my plans on Saturday, because I had plans to meet up with another friend on Sunday early, and could very easily stay after that by myself, catch a few bands, and take all the photos I wanted.

Unfortunately, on the way up there early this afternoon, some pretty bad thunderstorms wiped out those plans, and I wound up with no photos from the weekend at all.

A couple of photo lessons learned:

1. You can’t change the weather. Sometimes Mother Nature will screw up the best laid photo plans, and there’s nothing that can be done about it.

2. If getting good photos is important, take them while you can. (see lesson #1)

That being said, as much as I enjoy photography, and as much as we all become better photographers by taking photos at every opportunity, I wouldn’t have done anything differently Saturday night. I prefer to think that makes me a good friend, as opposed to a lazy photographer. 😉

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