Flickr Stats, a Good Start

After spending a few days living in a world that has Flickr Stats for Pro accounts, I’ve decided that it’s incomplete at this point. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate what’s there, it beats the heck out of what we’ve had prior to this, so I’m not complaining. I do, however, have some suggestions.

Right now, when you click over to look at your account stats you see two sets of stats, “yesterday” and “all time”. That’s it. If you were offline for a couple of days, there’s no checking out the hits from the last few days, or even the last week. The only thing you see is the total hits for each of the last 28(?) days, no detail at all.

Secondly, there’s no information other than photo views, and referrers. That’s useful, but it’d be even more useful if they gave us some more info about visitors, so we can see how many people are clicking through to one photo and leaving, how many are browsing the photostream, etc., and maybe a little bit about where they are located and such.

Truth be told, I think they could give us this information, but they get into quite a bind trying to store it. I can understand that, visitor details for all of their users could get rather burdensome. Still, I hope they can find a way to accomplish that!

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