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Things I’m digging today

Thing one is finally getting to plan out the details of my trip to San Francisco in October. I’ve got the Summation Certified Trainer Workshop Oct 8-11, but it looks like I’ll be staying a bit longer than that, catching the redeye out of town on Saturday night the 13th. That should give me a full couple of days to take in some sights and get some more photos. Yes, I’m digging the firm’s travel agent for getting all that taken care of for me.

I’m also digging my massage therapist. I had my usual appointment with her last night, but it was this morning before I realized I had forgotten my eyeglasses at her office. Now, I can function without my glasses, my eyesight isn’t quite that bad, but it can lead to a few headaches. I left a voice mail for her this morning. she called back to let me know that she had my glasses, but no one would be in the office past 2 this afternoon. Since she assumed I wouldn’t be able to get out of the office to get them, she asked if there was somewhere in the neighborhood she could drop them for me. Since her office is only about a quarter mile from my house, she agreed to take them by and leave them on the front porch for me, and sure enough when we got home, there they were. I already thought she rocked, but for going above and beyond like this, I can’t even describe the customer loyalty she has from me.

Oh and yes, in true networking/friendship/appreciation/Manager Tools fashion, she’ll be getting a hand-written note of thanks from me. This is one of those times when an email just wouldn’t be personal enough. 🙂

I’m digging that there are only 2 days left in what has been a busy week, before we head up to Findlay, to “pick up” the in-laws, drive to Toledo and catch the train to Chicago for the weekend. Again, more good photo opportunities!

I’m digging that on Sept. 16, I’ll be volunteering at the Friends of the Library book sale, along with a friend of ours, making good use of the time Angela will be away working the OSU game weekend in Seattle. And while I’m a little jealous, I’m digging that my wife has the chance to get a trip to Seattle.

I’ll also be digging a few other trips in the coming months, some that Angela and I don’t have finalized yet, some that she’ll be taking without me, and maybe one I’ll be taking without her. It going to be a busy couple of months, but I’m digging having so many fun things to look forward to!  

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