Speaking of New Experiments

I used the Picnik integration with Flickr to put a very small, and hopefully unobtrusive, watermark on the last batch of photos I uploaded over there. It’s an experiment at this point. Don’t worry, I’m not suddenly going all professional on you, I just want to see if I can put a watermark on the photos, to sort of keep my name out there should someone decide to use it in a blog or something, without messing with the enjoyment of sharing the photos too much.

I may continue to do it with my photos going forward, I may not. I still allow any non-commercial use of my photos, and I’m still willing to send a higher-res, and watermark-free, version to anyone who asks for one to print. I’m not a professional, I take photos because I enjoy doing it first and foremost. If there’s any “payment” from other folks it’s seeing them enjoy the photos as much as I enjoy taking them. I doubt that will change.

Let me know what you think.

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