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Tonight when I powered on my desktop PC, I was caught somewhat by surprise by asking me for my IMAP password. I fired up Twhirl at the same time and was somewhat surprised that it asked for my password as well, but I entered it and immediately tweeted to see if anyone else was having Gmail IMAP issues. Before anyone could respond, I got prompted for all my other email as well, so I knew maybe something else was up, and when my Twitter pals responded that Gmail was working fine for them, it clinched it!

Turns out, for whatever reason, Vista stopped remembering my stored passwords. As any good IT guy would, I hit next. I found this post on Minty White which seemed similar to my problem, so I followed the suggestion about deleting a registry key, restarted and all was well with my passwords again!

Ah Google, where would we be without you? 😉

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    Hey I’m glad you liked the story. Thanks for the link!

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