Summation iBlaze 2.9 Impressions

I got the download link for the new version of CT Summation’s iBlaze product the other day and managed to get it installed on my laptop yesterday. Naturally I proceeded to set my laptop on my desk at work, and look at the two programs side by side.

I do believe, when it comes time to upgrade the network installation, it will be a bit of an adjustment to the folks who’ve grown used to using the program the way it is now. On the other hand, the users who are only vaguely familiar with using it, which would be most of them, will probably pick it up a bit easier.

I haven’t really gotten into using it very much, but the changes seem logical enough that I haven’t had any difficulty finding an option that I was looking for, or figuring out what the icons on the new view toolbars do. That’s got to count for something! Most of the complaints I hear now are about not being able to find an option in a particular view, so anything to help make that clear would rock!

One thing is for sure, it looks so much better! It’s amazing what a little color in the toolbar and on the icons can do for software. I always found the Summation interface very daunting, and I think the fact that everything was gray had something to do with that. It seemed so serious and intense. (Working in it is serious business, but a little color helps the interface seem a little friendlier and less intimidating, I think.

We’ll see if that holds true for other folks. It may be just me. 🙂

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