ALSP Redesign

I got an email a couple of weeks ago with my login information for the new ALSP website. Supposedly, logging in was going to allow me to access all parts of the site, but I haven’t actually seen any pages that I can’t get to without logging in, so I’m not sure just what is behind the member’s only wall and what isn’t.

I’m glad that they’ve made the webcast archives available, since I’m going to miss the next one, ESI Bootcamp ? e-Discovery Begins with Forensically Sound Data Collection this Thursday. Sounds like it might be pretty good, but I won’t be near a PC.

Overall I’ve been happy with the content of the ALSP webcasts and newsletters thus far in my first year of membership. I’m still keeping an eye on other things that haven’t quite taken off yet, but which I am eager to see, such as the forums, local chapters, and the certification process. I’ve also seen mention of the possibility of creating special interest groups, including one for folks coming to Litigation Support from an IT background. Obviously, I’d be very interested in seeing that develop. For all of the various resources I have access to through my Summation certification, the firm’s ILTA membership and the Yahoo Litsupport mailing list, none of them address this specific situation, and I for one would like to create a network of folks going through the same patterns I am. Perhaps if one doesn’t get going soon, I’ll see about starting one myself. 🙂

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