Throwing Fits – Wii Fits

Our Wii Fit arrived today, around 6PM, which was a good thing, I’m not sure Angela could have waited much longer. 🙂

It’s an interesting game. It’s fun, and it definitely gets your heart beating and, I assume, increases your metabolism. I won’t say it’s the same as going to the gym and doing 30 minutes on the bike, but it’s not bad as an in-between routine, and it does keep track of how you’re doing for you, which is nice. The other nice thing is that by tracking your center of balance, it helps you not “cheat” when doing things like torso twists, and yoga. You have to do the exercise properly and not use your legs to “help”  the muscles you’re supposed to be working out.

Interestingly, while the initial profile setup said I was obese (Granted, I could stand to lose 20-30lbs, and the NHS definition of obese is ridiculous like that, so I accept that), it also said my Fit age is 37. I’m really 39 so, apparently, I’m pretty in shape for an obese guy. *L*

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