The Best Camera

The best camera, of course, is the one you have with you. My wife has recently talked about missing the days when her camera was easy to throw in her purse and just have with her. Now that she owns a Nikon D70, it requires a little more than that to make sure she has a camera with her. (cell phone notwithstanding, she hasn’t been satisfied with the camera in her cell phone, unlike my experience with the iPhone)

Given this predicament, I decided to pick up a point and shoot for her birthday, and found a pretty good deal on a Canon Powershot A1100IS. I leave it to her to comment on the performance of the camera, as I haven’t used it.

It does, however, make me wonder how many other DSLR owners regularly carry around another camera because sometimes it’s just too much to pack up the whole kit? Or are you just using cell phones now? What’s your best advice for having a camera with you whenever you might need it?

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