Creating a Social Network with Ning

I had my doubts about using Ning, mostly questioning whether we really needed a way to create even more social networks! Turns out, though, that when I was trying to create a way for child abuse survivors, and their significant others to meet up with others in the same situation, interact, and create a community, I turned to Ning to create a new network as opposed to trying to force a network to fit on Facebook or some other platform.

It was pretty easy to start the network, choose which features I wanted to include, decide the layout, and what questions I wanted to ask as part of a user profile. Then it was a snap getting in, creating my profile an adding an apllication. It all made sense, and seems to follow similar logic as other social networks. Can’t complain about that. I’m sure if I was more of a programmer, or had more patience, I coud hack away at the CSS and customize it even more, but for now, we’ll go with what I put together over the course of a couple of hours.

We’ll see if the network grows and starts to flourish. I hope it will, and if you know of any child abuse survivors in your midst, please spread the word!

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