Douglas Welch is planning an online version of the UnConference, calling it CareerCamp:

What is CareerCamp Online?

CareerCamp Online is an unconference in the style of BarCamp, PodCamp and other “camp-like” unconferences. All attendees are highly encouraged to also give a presentation and, at the very least, participate in the conversation.

CareerCamp Online seeks to provide the best and most current career information possible , especially in light of the economic downturn and the large number of layoffs.

Since career problems effect everyone regardless of geographic boundaries, I decided to opt for an online version of CareerCamp so that as many people as possible could participate.

When is CareerCamp Online?

CareerCamp Online is tentatively scheduled for February 21-March1.

I decided on a week-long camp to give everyone a possibility to participate, although I hope the conversation will continue long after the official end of the camp.

Sounds like an interesting concept, and should have some useful information if I know Douglas at all!

Read more about it over at the Career Opportunities Social Network

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  1. You’re welcome, I am very interested to see how the online version on an unconference works, frankly. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around how you “present” and how you manage to get that same level of participation that you get at a Podcamp, for example, without getting too out of control when everyone is online instead of in the same room. I’m looking forward to learning more!

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