One Problem with SaaS Document Reviews

I’ve sat in on enough product demos now, and had my own experience test-driving some of the applications, to have noticed something of a theme. Further discussions, have led me to believe that there’s something to this as well. Namely, that while using hosted document review tools may save you some money on the backend, they inevitably cost you in one other area, bandwidth.

You see, I’ve noticed that every hosted review tool I’ve used is dog slow compared to our in house Summation databases when it comes to loading document images, and switching between documents, and that is all because our office internet bandwidth can’t keep up.

I suppose that’s to be expected, every office I’ve ever worked in has had issues with bandwidth getting used, that’s actually one of the understandable reasons for having Internet use policies. You don’t want people soaking up all the bandwidth listening to streaming audio and making it harder for others to do any work, but even with those, there are days when it’s a struggle to stay afloat in the bandwidth race. As more and more businesses put out audio/video content that is job-related, and more firms start using the “cloud” to offset in house IT costs, how do you make sure you still have enough bandwidth for your attorneys connecting to a hosted review platform to be productive?

I can’t say that I have an answer, if you do, I’d love to hear it. Maybe that’ll make my next test drive include a little less waiting.

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