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Changing Education Paradigm

Saw this video over at Jim Canterucci’s blog originally. It certainly makes you wonder about the way we educate children, and how the education models hasn’t changed, despite the fact that the world has changed in most every other way. As I watched it though, I began to wonder how this applies to law schools….


What is AccessData Up to With Summation?

As one of the Summation Certified Trainers who has kept current with the certification, I’ve had a bit of an inside look into where AccessData is taking the Summation product after purchasing the company. Clearly, their initial forays into redesigning the training and certification programs were not very well thought out, and they have even…

Zoom as Compositional Aid

I saw this post over at Digital Photography School on using your Zoom lens to compose the photo, and it occurred to me that I do this all the time, without ever really thinking about it. When I’m traveling and shooting photos, especially in popular tourist places, there are times I want random tourists in…