Experimenting with Tweet Old Post Plugin

I found this plugin the other day, and decided to try it out over the holiday weekend. My fear is that I’ll annoy the heck out of followers while I try and figure out the best configuration to have some older, but still recent, posts sent out to Twitter, without becoming a pain with constant links to old posts. I know far fewer people will be paying close attention to Twitter over a long holiday weekend, so I’m guessing that if I do make some error in configuration, it should tick off fewer people doing it now. That said, if you are paying close attention, please be patient while I figure this out. 😉

On the flip side, since I normally write and post at night, and most of my twitter followers pay attention to Twitter during the day, I suspect that many never see when I post something new and it gets tweeted. This seems like a nice way to say “oh by the way, you might have missed this post I wrote a few nights ago”, but again, I want to see if I can do that without flooding twitter with links to my own blog. (I guess that also means I need to keep up with posting other things as well, so the stream doesn’t become just links!)

If you’ve been using this plugin, let me know what you think, and what configurations have been working the best for you?

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