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There are a number of things in the article below to consider, but this is definitely the most timely:

“A profound lesson from the pandemic supports this theory, when so many people were suddenly relocated to home offices. We discovered (or rediscovered) that productivity rises when we leave people alone for hours at a time to work without interruption. Those gains are lost when we revert to interruptions, expecting employees to respond nearly immediately to endless incoming emails and messages.”

I read recently that for many workers being at home for the last year + has led to a drop in productivity, not because they got less work done, but because they spent more time doing the same amount of work.

Guess why that happened? More meetings, more interruptions, and less time to focus on getting work done.

That’s not good for productivity, and it’s also not good for our mental health. So, managers, maybe let your people get to work instead of requiring them to be in touch all day long?

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