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Weekend in Charleston And Why It took So Long to Post

Ship's bell

Yes, the photos were taken in June, which is when we actually spent a weekend driving down to Charleston, SC. Yes, it’s taken that long to actually get them shared on Flickr. This just goes to show the difference between being a professional, and photography as a hobby. No one was waiting on me to get these finished, it was purely up to me, whenever I wanted to do it.

I also realized something else as I was working on these as well. One of the unexpected things about working from home is how it actually disrupts your normal routines. There was a time when I would return from a trip like this, and spend an evening that same week in my home office, going through all the photos, and doing post-process, etc. after work. Now that my home office is where I work, it’s become the last place I want to spend any time in the evening. In fact, while I’m very likely to be answering emails and looking at social networks on my iPad in the evening. Actually working on a laptop or being in the office is a rare occurrence.

Simply put, your home life is different when part of your home is also where you work. I have an instinctive impulse to stay away from there during non-working hours, and an instinctive impulse to be in the home office during work hours, even when I could easily take my laptop and work from anywhere. Surely that it’s just me, is it? Let me know if you experience similar impulses in the comments. In the mean time, here are a couple more shots from the lost weekend in June. 😉

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