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Blue Wall Preserve

One of the great joys of living near the mountains, and also in the mild climate of South Carolina, is the chance to simply take any random Saturday, grab the camera gear and do a little hiking/photowalking/exploring around the area, even in the middle of January.

Standing below the waterfall

Back before my work traveling got crazy, and I didn’t even have time to post photos let alone spend as much time outdoors as I would like, we headed out to the Blue Wall Preserve, a nature preserve that happens to also be part of the Palmetto Trail. It was a gray day, and maybe not the best for getting interesting shots, but it was also warm and easy enough to drive up there and walk around without getting chilled, which makes it automatically 10 times better than trying to get out and shoot photos in some other areas of the country. 😉

Even with the grayness though, there’s always a chance to experiment and do some interesting things with a camera, and a chance to experiment around a bit with adjustments in Lightroom to either make up for the gray, or get some nice black and white photos.

BW Twin Ponds                Reflections

All in all, not a bad way to spend a Winter day. You can check out the handful of photos I posted from this trip over at Flickr.

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