Quick Lesson About Exporting Comments to Disqus

As I discussed last week, one of my challenges of using the Social Plugin to draw in comments and replies from Facebook and Twitter back to the original blog posts, is getting those comments imported to Disqus.

After a couple of failed attempts at this, I discovered one really good reason not to try and use something like a cron job to automate this. Turns out that if you use Askimet to blog spam; and since Disqus doesn’t really do much with trackbacks, you have to either disable trackbacks or leave Askimet running to block the spam trackbacks; this can create a problem. Any comments in your spam queue are part of your Disqus export, and cause an error on import. So in order to successfully export your new social comments from WordPress into Disqus, you have to empty the spam queue before running the export job.

It seems I have two options, manually clear the spam filter and then start the export function from within the Disqus plugin, or disable Askimet and disable trackbacks on all posts.

Come to think of it, do trackbacks really do much any more?

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