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Norway – The Infinite Gray!

Ok so maybe the title is a bit unfair. I’m sure if I had spent some time in Norway during the Spring or Summer, it would not have been quite as gray as it was in February. The interesting thing, from a photography standpoint, is that Norway in the Winter has very, very short days. Sun rise is generally after 8AM, and sunset is before 5PM. It’s even shorter in January, so I shouldn’t complain. But when you are there to work, you really don’t get much sunlight to work with for taking photos, and the sunlight you do get is actually very gray. The sun never gets that’s high in the sky, and never seemed to be very bright at all.

Royal Palace

So, you don’t get a lot of “golden hour” type photos. There really isn’t that sort of light in Winter.

Lonely Boathouse

Still, when work sends you there, you have to ask yourself, “how likely is it that this will be my only chance to ever see Oslo”? So, gray or not, you drag yourself out and shoot, and generally try to make the most of it. At the end of the day, I’d rather have some ok photos of the places I got to see and be able to share them with you, than to not have any photos to share what I did during that week, no?

Oslo Marina

Skating Rink

Anyway, you can see all the photos I posted over at Flickr.


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