Hummingbird Moth

Hummingbird Moth by mikemac29
Hummingbird Moth, a photo by mikemac29 on Flickr.

Took the Nikon D3000 out for it’s first adventure to Furman this evening. Liked what I saw from the first batch of photos, going to be uploading them to Flickr over the next few days, I’m sure. This one was especially cool, just because it’s always fun to capture something that you’ve never seen before, and have to go home and hit Google to see what it is!

With the way the wings fluttered, at first we thought maybe it was a very tiny hummingbird, but after capturing this, we realized there is no way I could have gotten this, especially in low light with a flash, of an actual hummingbird. Luckily the Internet let us know what it was. Technically, we believe this is a White Lined Sphinx Hummingbird Moth.

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