Flipboard Stole My iPad’s Disk Space

After seeing a few folks talk about updating their iPad version 2 to iOS 7, when I finally got the prompt to do the same for my own iPad last night I made the impulse decision to go ahead and do it.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t. Turns out that I needed 2.9GB of free space to accomplish his, and I only had 1.1GB. Granted, it’s only a 16GB model, but that’s because I really don’t need more than that. I don’t store much on it. Sure I have a few things in iBooks, mostly for work reference, a couple of items in the Kindle app and a small selection of songs in the Music app, but really how did this happen?

Sure enough, when it had the system show me the usage status, it wasn’t any of those things eating away at my free space. It was Flipboard, which was somehow using 2.6GB all by itself. Apparently, if you allow Flipboard to run unabated, it will just continue to cache all that information that you’re looking at each time. One trip to the settings and I found an option to clear the cache.


After that was cleared, suddenly I had space to perform the update. (I will have more on that in a later post after I’ve had some time to use it). And I have a mental note to clear that out every once in awhile.

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