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Linked – No One Wants To Talk About These 3 Ways AI Copilots Will Reshape Learning

I’m not always so gung-ho about AI. If you’ve been around long enough, that will not be a surprising statement to you. On the other hand, it seems pretty inevitable at this point.

One area that seems especially inevitable is around training and skills development. Thus, when I read the article below, it seemed right to me. I’ve had an opportunity lately to play around with some AI tools, including Microsoft Copilot for 365, and I have to admit, when I have a question about how to do something, I ask Copilot. I ask Copilot because:

  • It’s right there while I’m working.
  • I don’t have to bring in another tool or trainer.
  • I don’t have to take a class or watch a YouTube video to learn a new skill. (Imagine a Copilot prompt like – “How would I do a VLOOKUP with this data using ID as the unique identifier?”)

That’s pretty equal to the three things in the article below:

As a trainer, I think the real differentiator for technical training is how to prompt the AI tool to learn new skills. I’m already considering how to put together some education on how and where to use AI to learn. It’s replacing the need for a lot of other formal training.

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