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Can Your SMEs Train?

I’ve written about some of the most brilliant people I’ve worked with. These people had in-depth knowledge of their work and the technology they used and could tell you anything you wanted to know about it. Put them in front of an audience, though, and things would go poorly.

Sometimes, it was a fear of public speaking, which is understandable. We know how many people fear death less than public speaking, so I can understand when someone doesn’t want to be part of a training program due to that fear. On the other hand, some people wanted to help train others and share their knowledge with an audience but didn’t have the necessary skills. Unfortunately, they usually worked with someone who didn’t recognize that training is a skill that can be learned and practiced.

That’s why I found this article interesting: John lays out what it means to be an instructor. He describes the skills necessary and what someone should learn to be a more effective instructor—things like how people learn, how to provide feedback and basic presentation skills.

These are all things that can be learned. Too many people seem to think that you can automatically teach other people about something if you’re an expert at it. Being an SME is great, but communicating that expertise so others can learn from you is a different skill. In fact, it’s a set of skills. Skills we should encourage our SMEs to learn to help our whole team grow.

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