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Linked – Technology Is Destroying Our Work-Life Balance

Image by Melina Manfrinatti
Image by Melina Manfrinatti

” We might be working longer simply because we’re so unproductive.On our mobile devices, we’re doing two damaging things constantly:

Context switching

Multitasking destroys our productivity, our brains simply can’t handle it, and context switching makes us constantly lose what we were doing and restart.”

This sounds about right. Even working from home without the in-person interruptions you get in a cubicle, I still find myself getting emails, Skype messages, phone calls, and then having to go back to what I was doing before. It’s not a good way to get anything done efficiently. At the same time, I recently had to complete a health assessment survey, and they asked about work stress. One of the questions:

In the last 4 weeks (28 days), how many times did you either arrive early, work late, or work on a day you were scheduled to be off.

I had to enter a number, “Yes, all of the above, all the time” was not an available answer, but it was the accurate one. I don’t believe that is sustainable.

Lots of good information in this article. Check it out, and think about what you’re doing to yourself.

Technology Is Destroying Our Work-Life Balance

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