Linked – Law Firm Pays $2500 to Get Data Back After Ransomware Attack


“Thomas Brown of The Brown Firm in Florida was yet another victim of a ransomware attack which encrypted his data, leaving him out of business and without access to his data. The cybercriminals demanded $2500 in bitcoin for the decryption key. The firm said that they had to pay up or lose all their data so they paid up – and got the decryption key.

Since the incident, the firm has improved computer firewalls and replaced passwords with passphrases that are regularly changed, according to the article in the Jacksonville Daily Record. The firm has also installed an isolated server that is used to back up files each day.”

Backup, backup, backup!!!

Seriously, keep safe out there but nothing makes this kind of malware less useless than having another copy of all of your data sitting somewhere that is not connected to the infected machine. If this firm simply had an external hard drive with copies of their data sitting on a shelf, paying the ransom isn’t an issue. The data is accessible elsewhere.

So, go and make a copy of your data somewhere. It’ll protect you not only from ransomware, but also from hard drive failure!

Law Firm Pays $2500 to Get Data Back After Ransomware Attack

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