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Linked – The importance of training your customers

I’ve argued this before from the customer side but it is interesting to read it from Litmos on the business side:

“Your customers invested in you and your product or service. Why not make sure they’re getting the most out of it? By providing training, you can onboard customers effectively at the start of their relationship with you. Then, as they grow more confident, you can release training as they need it: micro-training related to new releases, for example, or hacks to make their use of your service more effective. “

My take was, that as a customer, you should make the investment in training:

The problem is, if you put someone in front of a new tool, they’ll figure out how to do the same thing they were always doing, and nothing more. People love their habits. They like to go back to doing familiar things. I’m betting you didn’t invest all that money on new technology so that you could continue doing the same thing you were doing before, right? The new tool is supposed to change the way you are doing things, making your staff more efficient and productive, if not out right giving them the capability to do some great new work. How are they going to do that without someone leading them and challenging them to not only learn the tool, but learn a different workflow?

What boggles my mind are the tech companies out there who don’t think their customers really need training. They like to brag about their tools really being so easy that none is needed, but ultimately, the users would be better off with some actual training. Why take a chance that they are going to be getting less from your product?

Customer training: Here’s why it’s so important



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