Linked – 7 Typical Life Situations When You Will Need Public Speaking Skills

“We all know the feeling—that moment when your heart races along a racetrack of nerves because you need to speak to the public. The audience, whether one dozen people or one thousand, can seem intimidating. Yet speeches, toasts, and other forms of public speaking can sign minds with memorable words. They allow us honor, persuade, and inform. Here are seven typical life situations that call for public speaking. I emphasize a different public speaking tip for each one, so study them well before taking the mic!”

I enjoyed this list because it’s something that I have noticed about myself. As much as some of us would hate to admit, having some public speaking skills can come in handy in a lot of situations even if public speaking isn’t your full time job the way mine is.

Personally, I’m an introvert and for much of my life people would have described me as being very shy. Despite the fact that I spend about every week talking all day to a bunch of people I’ve never met before, I am still shy and introverted. But, the skills that I have gotten from my work have helped me to improve in a lot of situations outside of the classroom as well. I don’t fear giving a toast or meeting new people the way I once did, I can carry on conversations at parties with strangers, I can even have better conversations with people I already know instead of having lots of awkward silences, etc.

Truthfully, learning a bit about public speaking and gaining some confidence to speak in front of any sized audience is something that pays off in a lot of ways that have nothing to do with being a “speaker”. It’s well worth your time to hone those skills to improve your career and your personal life.

7 Typical Life Situations When You Will Need Public Speaking Skills

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