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Linked – How to Leverage Social Media While Attending Conferences

It’s not easy to build meaningful relationships at conferences. Organizers may try to ease awkward introductions (and 50-foot staredowns) with networking events, and a majority of people at the conference may be interested in networking, but that doesn’t make it easy. You’re surrounded by hundreds, sometimes thousands of people; some are vying for attention, others refuse to socialize; some have sales agendas, others have bad breath. So how do you cut through the noise (or silence), to make the most of your conferences?
Get social (media).

Below you’ll find expert advice from six of marketing’s biggest influencers and keynote conference speakers, on how to leverage social media when building relationships at conferences.

There’s a lot of really good advice in here. If you’re going to be hitting up a conference in the near future, or any time really, you may want to keep this handy!

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