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Linked – Workplace Mental Health In Crisis: A Survivor’s Story

Ana’s story is great, and I encourage you to go read it, and especially to understand what she says about the importance of putting a face on survival. But this quote is one that I think resonates with what I see in the modern workplace, and not favorably.

“Leadership styles that foster respect, humanity and promote wellbeing are an employer’s obligation in what should be a mutually beneficial two-way relationship. Furthermore, if we truly care about our people, it is also just the right thing to do.”

I’m not sure that the legal industry, as currently construed, is capable of viewing people in this way, as opposed to the sum of billable hours. I hope to be proven wrong, but I can also see this as one of many things that are going to force massive change in the industry. Change that not everyone is going to be able to cope with.

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