Linked – Here’s a secret: ?oogle.com. is not google.com

The Danger

Well, someone, somewhere, gave out the domain ?oogle.com to someone who was not representing google.com. what is stopping them from mimicking YOUR web site, or YOUR BANK’s website, and then leaving innocent-looking links for you to fall prey to? You would probably never realize what you did until it was tool late.

Internationalized Domain Names

Most people don’t realize it, but there were a lot of people working the past few years on getting international characters into domain names…and they are real today. They are supposed to allow people to create domains in their native language, like ???.jp. Seems at least one enterprising individual (in Russia) grabbed the opportunity recently to snap up ?oogle.com.

Expect to see a sharp increase in phishing until the general public catches on.

Never trust a link provided by someone else…

 *Unfortunately, my English language WordPress installation doesn’t seem to support the characters that were copied into this post, so make sure you go back and read the original!

Good to know. Check the URL, or just type in the site you want to go to instead of trusting links in email!


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