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Linked – Ransomware is Booming – and We’re Paying the Piper

“As a Wall Street Journal blog reported, ransomware has exploded, the attacks more sophisticated as hackers are encouraged by the percentage of victim who pay the ransom. Insurance underwriter Beazley released a report last Thursday in which it said ransomware attacks will be four times higher in 2016 than last year.

Sadly, hackers don’t need technical expertise because they can easily buy a ransomware kit and put it to use.”

Have a backup, have a backup, have a backup. For home users, external hard drives don’t cost much, and it’s easy enough to plug it in to your laptop, back everything up, and then put it back on the shelf or in a lock box, or somewhere for safe keeping. While you’re at it, think about storing an encrypted copy of your most crucial data in a cloud backup service as well.

That way, if you do get hit with ransomware, no biggie, you still have a copy of your data, and even if the worst happens and your house is destroyed by fire or natural disaster, your most important stuff is in the cloud.

It sure beats finding out you’re going to have to pay a ransom to get it back!

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