Linked – AA’s Promising Faster Wi-Fi, Courtesy of ViaSat (Not Gogo)

This latest announcement is far from a permanent break-up. “Gogo will still be outfitting other aircraft in our domestic fleet with its 2ku satellite Wi-Fi,” American Airlines spokeswoman Martha Thomas told Bloomberg, calling the company “a valued partner.” So some of American’s fleet will remain with Gogo Wifi and some of it will have ViaSat?…


Linked – Turning back the clock 1 hour takes a serious toll on your mental health

The fall transition to standard time is linked to an increase in crime that costs the country billions of dollars annually. Transitions into and out of daylight saving time are linked to disrupted sleep patterns, increased heart attack risk, and an uptick in fatal car accidents. And last week, a team of researchers from the…


Linked – Facebook offers: why they could be too good to be true

At first the posts are relatively harmless. Many Facebook users don’t see the issue with liking or sharing a post. After thousands of people catch on to the post, Facebook algorithms automatically identify the content as valuable and popular. The algorithm then floats the scam to the top of millions of newsfeeds around the world….

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Linked – Police forces ‘overwhelmed’ by digital evidence, watchdog finds

“Some police forces in England and Wales risk being “overwhelmed” by the volume of digital evidence being collected, the police watchdog has warned. Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary said many forces had a “significant gap” in digital skills. It said there were sometimes “unacceptable delays” in basic tasks like getting data off a mobile phone….


Linked – Survey: Reckless Social Media May Get You Fired

When it comes to employment and social media, the First Amendment does not apply. You can, in fact, get fired for what you write, post, and share online, and it is not a violation of your Constitutional rights. As HubShout’s June 2016 Social Media Conduct Survey found out, most people don’t understand the risks of…