Linked – How Law Firms Can Guard Critical Information from Cyber Attacks

“Cybercriminals have made a living targeting industries which are reliant upon information that needs to be readily available and is strictly confidential. This trend puts law firms at high risk due to the nature of their work, and the recent movement of data to cloud-based case management, record searching, research, and platforms for communication. Legal firms, no matter the size, must see the importance of protecting the sensitive case information of their clients, especially for ongoing cases, against those who wish to threaten their cybersecurity.”

This is directed at law firms but the advice is applicable to anyone. The best protection against ransomware is having backup copies and/or replicate important data to the cloud.

Unfortunately, the article does not address the other risk for law firms, which is not that they will not be able to access their data, it’s that someone who shouldn’t have access to it, now does. That’s a bigger challenge, how to keep the confidential information you have from being made public. I suppose that’s another article in itself though. 😉


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