Linked – Everyone makes the same public speaking mistakes

“They don’t consider the audience’s motivation.

Before I prepare a single line of any talk for any crowd, I ask the organizer ahead of time one question: Why are they there? And I’m not so foolish as to think that they’re there just to see me. “

This is one I see on the training side of public speaking far too often. There are a lot of well-meaning technologists who have a list of things they want people to know about their tools. But, they don’t stop to consider who the audience is and what they are trying to accomplish with those tools. They want to know how this tools is going to help them accomplish what they need to do, and what they’ve never been able to do before, not watch someone go through a list of features without ever applying it to their situation.

It’s only one of the mistakes everyone makes though, so go check out the rest of the article if you do any public speaking!


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