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Thanks to Andy for the pointer to Microsoft’s patch for the Secure Sockets problem that they claimed before wasn’t a big deal. Oh well, at least they did patch it! (Note the Win 2000 version of the patch is not available yet.)

Doc has written up his Linux Journal article about his talk at Gnomedex. The important thing here is at the end, the Net is becoming the platform over which cool stuff is taking place. Whether we use Windows, Mac, or Linux is becoming less and less important, as what we do with those tools over the Net is the important stuff!

Speaking of OS’s though, we did order that new XP machine for me at work. That means I get to be the guinea pig for determining how well it’ll hold up to our current configuration and applications for possible future use. I’m going to enjoy being the tester and learning new stuff about XP as I go along. I’m sure I’ll have interesting XP stuff to blog about!

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