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Linked – Here’s What The Sarahah App Is, Because You’re Probably Like “WTF Is This?

When I first saw someone post this app to Facebook, my immediate thought was, really? Is this a good idea?

4. Couldn’t this be used for bullying?


5. Seriously, right? An anonymous thing where you can write to a person? Sounds bad.

Well, it says “Leave a constructive message :)” at the top of the text box… But yeah.

I mean sure, it’s possible that you’ll get really constructive feedback, or find out someone secretly has a crush on you or thinks you’re amazing, but don’t we kind of already know how this story ends? Haven’t we seen this play out with other anonymous social networks poorly?

So here’s the thing. If you have something you’ve always wanted to tell me, just go ahead and tell me. I’m not going to invite the world to anonymously send me messages. They can put in the effort to do that themselves.

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